Crushed Red Pepper-60K

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Crushed Red Pepper 60KCrushed Red Pepper 60K Example
Plastic Shaker Jar-3 oz $4.89
Pint Container-6 oz $6.29
1 Pound Pouch $7.49
Quart Container-14 oz $9.99
3 Quart Container-41 oz $28.99
Bulk Quantity  
5 Pounds $33.70
15 Pounds $95.50
25 Pounds $149.80
50 Pounds $280.90

Description: Crushed Red Pepper 60,000 Heat Units. This "pizza pepper" is a flavor helper in your meat and vegetable dishes.

 Crushed Red Pepper Recipes

Storage: Store in a cool dry place, away from heat, light, and humidity.