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What is the minimum order? The minimum order is $10.00

Can I ship to an APO address? APO orders are no longer accepted due to ongoing delivery problems.


Can I ship an international order? Spice Barn does not ship international orders.

Does Spice Barn offer free shipping? Spice Barn does not offer free shipping, however, will be glad to work with you to select the best method for your order.

How do I determine shipping costs? If you want to determine shipping costs before you make a purchasing decision, you may do so on the checkout page.  First, add the items you might want to the shopping cart. From the "View Cart" page, Go to CHECKOUT (click on button just under the items on the lower righthand side of the page).  At the top of the checkout page, just below the shipping information, is a "shipping method" section which contains radio buttons for selecting a shipping method.  To the right of those buttons is a blue hyperlink which says "See Rates".  Click here, enter your zip code and the shipping rate will be shown. This is the cost for the items currently in your cart.  NOTE: The most expensive shipping is for just one item.  It only costs a small amount more to ship several items.  The first 2 pounds are the highest cost by any carrier.

What methods of shipping are available? We ship UPS Ground and FedEx Ground.

How long will it take for my order to arrive? Please view the FedEx Ground Transit Time tab above for a map provided by FedEx indicating the approximate length of time for delivery.

What about overnight and 2nd day orders? At this time, we do not ship any type of express delivery.

What is the Return Policy?
Customers agree to abide by these terms and conditions upon placing any order.

Spice Barn accepts returns of unopened spices and seasonings.  Spice Barn will not accept returns of any opened items.   These items cannot be resold or used by Spice Barn, and therefore, cannot be returned.

A return authorization number will be required; any package arriving to our facility without prior return approval will be refused.

Returns must meet the following criteria:

  • Returns for unopened containers (which meet the above guideline) must be requested within 30 days of shipment date.
  • Any requests after this time period will not be honored. Returns must arrive to us within 7 days of receiving an authorization number.
  • A 15% re-stocking fee will be charged on all returned products. Products must arrive in excellent condition. Refunds, less any charges, will be made upon receipt of merchandise which meets this standard.
  • The customer assumes all return shipping fees (Customer assumes all shipping fees for exchanges).
  • Returns should be shipped by a carrier with tracking information; USPS Priority Mail, or FedEx.  The customer assumes all responsibility for the safe arrival of return packages.

FedEx Express Shipping Information: To help you make shipping decisions: At this time, we do not ship any type of express delivery.

Fedex ground delivery map from Ohio Fedex ground delivery days from Ohio