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Description: Whole nutmeg has a warm, slightly sweet flavor that is released when ground or grated. Adding depth to savory dishes or rounding out other sweet flavors.

Usage: Whole nutmeg should be grated just before use to ensure the best aroma and flavor. Can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. Use in cakes, breads, vegetables, fruit, pudding, and sauces. Use as a topping for eggnog, custards, whipped cream, and sauces. 

Recipes for Nutmeg

Ingredients: Nutmeg.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place, away from heat, light, and humidity.

Other Information:

Nutmeg is grown in Sri Lanka, India, South East Asia, Malaysia, Jamaica, and the Caribbean Islands.  This evergreen tree has a pyramid-shaped growth and rough, intensely aromatic, scented leaves which are an elongated, oval shape with a dark green top side and a whitish underside.  Nutmeg is a seed, rather than a nut.  When fully mature it splits in two, exposing the brown seed which is the nutmeg.  Store in a cool, dry place.